10 Things you didn’t know the use for…


1. Blue part of the eraser:

Most of us have always wondered as children what the blue part of the eraser meant. Let me tell you that it can be used for rubbing out the ink of the pen.

2. Small Pockets in Denims:

The actual reason behind small pocket in jeans is that in 1873 people used a pocket watch & Levi’s designed this kind of pocket to keep that pocket watch.

3. Hole in the cap of a ball pen:

The hole in the cap of the ballpoint pen was designed in a way so that when children swallow it, they don’t suffocate.

4. Hole in the handle of the cooking pot:

The reason behind hole in the handle of cooking pot is to use it as a stand for the spoon.

5. The zigzag side of the bobby pin:

Let me tell you that the side of the bobby pin which is zigzag is not meant to be on the upside but on the downside for better grip to hold it.

6. Spike on medical tubes:

The spike on the medical tubes is meant to make a hole through the protective seal of the tube.

7. Hanging Loop:

Let me tell you that the loop on the back of the shirt is to hang it when not in use.

8. Holes in the windows of airplanes:

Do you know that this hole is meant for the windows so that they don’t get fogged up as the temperature above there is too humid & it can get fully covered in fog! What do you say about this article guys? How many of you like this photo post.