10 Years Challenge


Chennai: Sri Lankan singer Chinmayi believes that 60-year-old elderly people in the world are taking part in children’s events. A Challenge named ’10 year challenge’ is now known to be viral. As part of this challenge, celebrities and well-known personalities have been posting a photograph of their ten years ago and putting their pictures on social media. In this background, some of the celebrities are celebrating photos of celebrities.

Prior to this background, Priyanka Chopra, her husband Nick Jonas, is a veteran in a media community. Priyanka has been married for ten years in the photo and has shown that she is married to the eldest Chinnarani after ten years. This Meem Chinmayi posted on Twitter .. ‘How did you see this photo hazy? In this country, males are younger than 25 years younger than they are. In the rest of the world, 60-year-old elderly children are not married to anyone else. But if you are married to a younger than a young woman, you are making it a hilarious one. It is not good for casual sexism.