Exercises to Reduce fat in the back of the waist


Exercises to Reduce Fat in the Back of the Waist

The thin waist is hoping for everyone. But it does not come. It requires some exercise. You have to be careful about the diet. Some specialized exercises can target the fat in the Ba’ago behind the waist. Let’s examine those exercises.

Lie down on the floor or on the matte. Wrap a few legs at the feet and keep the two feet on the floor. Place the left hand on the knee and put it on the ground and gently lift the waist area. Keep the pads up to the sides of the shoulders. Put it down for a while. This is not even done by the child. Repeat 2/3 sets to repeat 5 to 10 times.


Sit on the floor while sitting on the floor. Bring a little more than the eyes to the shoulders and bend some of the knees. Now turn the hands in the middle and turn on the floor. Put the hands on the floor and lift the legs into the air. Make 3 sets of 3 times this way.

Pelvic scoop:

Lie down on the ground. Bend the legs at the knees and hit the hands. Now also blow the foot and put it on the left leg. Now slowly lift your waist upwards. Keep it down for a while. Do this for 10 or 2 sets.

Russian twist:

Sit up the eyes. Sending a little back to the back and holding a foot on a side and lifting the feet from the ground a little bit of weight, holding the two arms and turning from left to right, from the right to the left. See how the weight waits on the waist.