Has your hair increased? Are you feeling that your hair is pretty long and strong? Whether it is time for
beauty or …………? Do you mind the hair or …? Dandruff problem? All of these are the things that are
available in our home, to get rid of the dandruff, the stronger, the stronger the hair and the tips to get
your own …… DISCOVERY ……. Your hair is long and firm, formulas to stay nicer

Essentially for weekly: – Apply white shine in the eggplant for only 20 minutes with a shampoo for 20
minutes. Once a week, if you have a picnic for your hair, you should be able to get your hair done.

Long Nigga Hair: You can add a honey egg in a banana pulp with three tablespoons of milk and three
tablespoons of honey and mix it well to the hair. Wash with thyme shampoo for 30 minutes. Do this
twice a week to get rid of long hair.

Two chicken eggs and five tablespoons olive oil in a bowl and mix well with a mixture for hair and wash
it with thyme shampoo for 30 minutes.

Mix chicken with lemon juice – Mix hair: Mix a chicken egg and add a lemon juice and then wash it with
shampoo for 20 minutes and then wash your hair with dandruff.

Solid Long Hair: – Three cups of mahind powder, 1/4 tsp salt, one cup of daber amla hair oli five cups of
honey, one cup tea powder and two chicken eggs and mix well with the shampoo for an hour Once a
month your hair is strong, taller, rigid and quick.

Hair Rawl-Prevention: – Amla Juice Include three tablespoons of lemon juice in the hair spots and keep it
thoroughly cleaned with thyme water 30 minutes a week.