How to Improve EyeSight


In ancient times the spectacles were used by the slowing down of the old age. But nowadays, some of the children are eye-sight.

The number of wearers worn on the day increases. This eyebrow slows down due to lack of proper diet or some habits.

It is very important that the site is protected from getting worse. Not only those who come to the Eye Sight, but also to take care of the preservation of the eyes to prevent the eyes of the future.

Nutritional Error:

If there is any illness in our body, the main reason is the lack of nutrition. And this is also for the eyesight. Eye lashes and nutrients if you do not get enough vitamins. So the food that increases the eye is given below. Take the food ingredient.

1.Drizzle leaves: We all know the dumpling. Their leaves are also very useful for health. Drizzle leaves are high in vitamin A and calcium. It is best to cook and eat the foliar leaves.

2. Vitamin-C (Vitamin-C) teeth, such as lemon, orange, grapes, strawberries, are also not only for the eye but also for the skin.

3.In addition, fish, eggs, almonds, dairy products, carrots, and sweet peppers are rich in vitamins. So be sure to keep them in your diet.

Eye Excercises:

Our body needs just what we need to exercise. Eye Exercises Enhanced by Eye Exercises Every day, eyesight develops. This does not need to be specifically reserved for time. Whenever you have time, you can easily do these exercises at any location. Do the eye exercises for a while each day by moving the eyes as shown in the picture below.

Follow the 20-20-20 rule:

If you are more likely to work in front of the computer, your eyes are very tired. Follow this 20-20-20 rule at that time. Every 20 minutes you find a 20-mile distance of 20 seconds apart from the computer. This is the 20-20-20 rule. It is very useful for eyes.

Smoking: Smoking is not only for lungs, but also on the eyes, skin, teeth and teeth. Smokers are more likely to have future eye problems. So do not smoke.

Do not use a mobile phone at night. Nowadays, many people are using a lot of night playing games, playing games and chatting. Without knowing this, our eyes are in danger. Are they more important than our eyes for our whole life? Think once.

If you are using the computer as a part of your job, use Anti-Glare Glasses to keep your eyes blinded by the blue light from the computer screen.

Make eye tests every year.

Therefore, following the above mentioned precautions and taking good food, some people with eye diseases such as the site may be reduced. Non-existent people can save them from the future.