If You are planning to buy KTM DUKE 125… Then read this



Are you thinking of buying KTM DUKE 125 because this bike has been launched then how well it is

I’m going to tell you today for the people who are you, Hello guys, at your bike point again.

Welcome, first thing to talk about is the KTM Duke 125cc model, so it looks like the Duke 200 in the bike

There is no major difference between the models of both, so you do not think that its model will be completely different

You are picking up a bike for a new model. Inside the bike, the model is like 200 cc and the engine has 125cc installed. This bike is better.

Because in it you are getting single channel ABS and talk about its price, then this bike will be found in approximately 118,000 x showroom price, in which you will get a single channel ABS and 125 cc engine

Now, according to the bike, the price is not high as the type of engine and the swing arm front suspension, all these things together, the bike price is not much. The question of people in your mind is rising 150cc bike It is also good for many people to say that the bike will leave the 150CC bike behind but it is not because they mean the KTM in this 125cc bike. Engine technology is of use if it leaves 150cc behind the bike then there is no big deal if this thing will be used in the 150CC bike, it will also go ahead as it has been put in. 124.7 cc single cylinder four-stroke Liquid Gold engine in which the DOHC Technology has been used with maximum power of 14.5 PS 9250 RPM and maximum torque of 12 newtons 8000 rpm at bore 58 mm and stroke is 47.2 mm. When the engine is used in this way, it will go ahead and everything is not going ahead or running, when there is a problem in the front bike, the cost is also high, so it is not right to compare this bike with the 150CC bike. People who want KTM product in less money are right for them and this bike has a seat height of 818mm, weighing 148 kilograms ground clearance is 175mm wheelbase is 1366 mm. And this bike offers single channel ABS option

And its mileage will be around 40

Duke 125 Problem

And the biggest drawback I got in this bike was its seat high, which is 818mm which is more than that, so if your height is low then the problem can be

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