Infocus Epic-1 review


InFocus Epic 1 Review… Good Specs, Some Errors!

The “In Focus” company in America, entering India with the “InFocus M2” model in 2015 when China and Korean cell phone manufacturers invaded the Indian market. The company has introduced the latest version of InFocus Epic 1 for the newly launched 12,999 rupees.

Epic 1 is a different phone than all phones previously released by InFocus. This phone with metal casing has a Unibody design that has a premium look to see. The phone is slim at 8.4 mm thick, but it is easy to catch and convenient to operate with one hand.

On the other side of the phone, the LED, power and hybrid SIM slots are set up, the phone is embedded in the lead indicator, the front camera, the internal speaker. On the rear side of the camera, dual tone led flash, the fingerprint sensor is fixed. The USB Type C port was used on this phone. So charging, data transfer needs must be used only with the charger that comes with this phone.

The main features of InFocus Epic 1 5.5 inches full HD screen. It’s gorilla glass protection. When watching videos, this phone gives us a good visual experience when playing games. The screen on the screen is clearly visible if the phone operates directly under sunlight. Colours reproduction is also available naturally. Touch screen option on the phone is also much better.

The Dell-Core processor of the MediaTek company’s HELIIL X20 has been placed on the “InFocus Epic 1” phone. This processor can provide a 30% additional battery. This phone has 3 GB of memory and 32GB of internal storage. With the memory card, we can get storage extra up to 128 GB depending on our requirement. Embedding the hybrid sim slot on the phone will allow you to simultaneously use two sims, or a memory card and another SIM.

“InFocus Epic 1” is based on the operating system of Android marshall. Inline User Interface is a customized interface. Infocus offers us only the necessary apps that are not filled with apps that do not need the phone. In the other storage, we can install the desired. 32 GB of the operating system, Facebook, Flipkart, Amazon, Opera etc. Inbound apps pop up to 20 GB of space.

Phase detection in “InFocus Epic 1” has a 16-megapixel rear camera of autofocus technologies. Auto Image Stabilization, Dual Tone Flash, along with this camera. The 8-megapixel camera phone is capable of capturing cell phones and video calling. Camera app does not offer any other filters like HDR while shooting photos. But once a photo shoot is done, you can edit a variety of things like improving contrast and repairing skin tone.

The back camera comes with “auto image stabilization”, while photographs are being blown when capturing movable scenes. Noise is coming up in photos even while shooting a stable subject. The front cell phone also offers a sample of quality. Noise is coming up even when shooting videos through the camera. There is no need to tell about Noise while still zooming and shooting. In a word, you need to get this phone to make sure that you do not get in the camera. If the camera is the only one, you can choose other phones.

In the performance of the DeCoCor processor in InFocus Epic 1, phone performance is much better. While running multiple apps at once or playing games, this phone does not discourage us from video streaming. In the past few phones of InFocus have warmed up a little while. But this phone does not have that problem. The fingerprint sensor is also fast working. With the Cat 6 LTE enabled on the phone, download speed is very high and mobile coverage is even better. This phone will have 4G VoLTE support.

While the performance of “Infocus Epic 1” is awesome, it’s also a bit of trouble with audio quality. No audio quality is good when calls are spoken. The speaker’s volume is not fully corrected. This phone has a 3000 mAh battery. “Fast charging” technology supports charging, even faster. Once the phone is charging you can use the phone for about a day.

  1. In a sense, InFocus Epic 1 is a better phone in terms of phone design and performance. But the camera quality and audio quality did not give this phone the expected results.