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Mark Zuckerberg biography Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook

Facebook this name do not need an introduction Facebook to do not need religion and language facebook interested or in world and Facebook brings all world to together

China population is 137 crores Facebook users list is 139 crores plus users .if you think Facebook has a country so Facebook will be big then China just for fun started as a small website and Facebook became a big social website in the world the Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in business man’s who cannot be reached as fast to billionaires  so how Mark Zuckerberg Richard that worlds high-level billionaire in small age in one hostel room started a small website  how reached know we see in this story

Mark Zuckerberg born on 14th May 1984 in New York his mother name is Karen his father name is adorable and Mark Zuckerberg father advocate bag is a dentist Mark Zuckerberg interested in computer programming from small age and his  interest seen by his father and his father known program is that Atari programming and his father told him Atari programming And afterwards his father called a computer programmer David to tell private classes to Mark Zuckerberg and Mark Zuckerberg appointed computer programmer David  to tell private class to Mark Zuckerberg.

But Mark Zuckerberg after some days Mark Zuckerberg reached that typing fast then is computer programmer Sir David when Mark Zuckerberg get some time he will do programming so that  Mark Zuckerberg invited a messenger the Messenger software name zuken.

zucknet is nothing but same like Facebook Messenger  so he will use soap nut to send message from his home to his father Clinic and his father clinic to home  up to no Mark Zuckerberg age is only 12 years in that age 12 all children are playing computer games but Mark Zuckerberg is creating the computer game in that age 12 and Mark Zuckerberg will create a new program and develops it when he is studying high school

he created a synapse media player

After that sold synapse media player tool Microsoft bed scene apps media player and an AOL and Microsoft give even job to Mark Zuckerberg without completing his education but Mark Zuckerberg told no to AOL AND MICROSOFT job offer. after Mark Zuckerberg joined Harvard University and he created a website called face mash

In face mask Mark Zuckerberg will keep Harvard University girls photos in Face mash and he will keep polling photos for that girl’s photos and he will say that who is most beautiful girl vote for that girl and for that face mask website got a big response from all and the university totally known about his website.  Show face wash website is to vote beautiful girl so that the reason some girls not like the face mask website and which girl do not like face marks website they completed on Mark Zuckerberg and with other permission of Harvard University girls mark Zuckerberg used their photos to face mash website.

so the all Harvard University girls given warning to Mark Zuckerberg and all Harvard university girls told to stop the face mash website and Mark Zuckerberg stopped the face mash website. From that website Mark Zuckerberg has got new idea the idea is all who is in his college would share their wishes and their likes and photos and videos and their interest’s and their personal data save and that saved  that Ashok share with their friends this is Mark Zuckerberg Idea and Mark Zuckerberg have a dream to implement what idea he was got after shutting down face mash website and Mark Zuckerberg started his idea so his idea is to create a website that web site should be able to share videos likes wish’s and more. So he worked on that website very hardly and so much hard work for that website. When all friends going to party but he was in his hostel room sitting in front of his computer and

he created a website and the website name is Facebook. In first he created the website Facebook only for Harvard University after that he got a more success response from the Facebook from Harvard University. After that Mark Zuckerberg saw the response for them. The Facebook website and the Mark Zuckerberg available. The Facebook to other universities of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA). After that, he wants to develop Facebook more but he did not have time to develop it.

Mark Zuckerberg has stopped the study at Harvard University in middle and.  Totally he was started to develop THE Facebook. AFTER THAT he changed [THE FACEBOOK INTO FACEBOOK]. And in 2004 February 4th Facebook came to use and afterwards, Facebook is ONLY for students and after WORDS  Mark Zuckerberg allows to use to all age groups.

Ending of the 2004 year  1000000 members were joined in Facebook

after some  days case filed on Facebook  by Camron Taylor Divya Narendra Told that Facebook is our idea Mark Zuckerberg copied our Idea and  after that they filed case on Mark Zuckerberg for copying their Idea case has started and ended in court for some days after that Mark Zuckerberg given them40 million cash and some Facebook shares to them and they have taken back case on Mark Zuckerberg.

That time chat with our friends online is liked by all in those days. After Facebook users have become 50lakh’s. After that Facebook success is seen by some companies like Yahoo and MTV.

Yahoo and MTV want to buy Facebook. Yahoo company came with 900 million dollars to buy Facebook. But Mark Zuckerberg not given Facebook the Yahoo.

Zuckerberg has thought about more future much one then all so he bought Instagram for $1 billion dollars. And after the Instagram Mark Zuckerberg merged Instagram into Facebook And in 2014 mark Zuckerberg bought what’s appear $19billon dollars$19 billion dollars in Indian currency is 1,20,00000After that, he bought Connect u Friend feed Chai labs

And not only 60+companys he bought and merged in the Facebook company. When facebook completed  10 years Mark Zuckerberg has become a millionaire. Mark Zuckerberg in China 2012 married his Chinese friend Priscilla Chan

one thing anyone not observed  why Facebook is in blue colour every time  Mark Zuckerberg has colour blindness so we cannot see red green colours so he was created facebook has blue colours

He is running a big company like Facebook and him as CEO of Facebook. And like Facebook CEO he will take only $1 dollar for the year.Mark Zuckerberg life 1 movie also came  the movie name is the Social Network and  the Social Network movie has received three Oscar Awards and in 2010 and 2013 Times magazine is declared Mark Zuckerberg has person of the Year after that Forbes magazine report says that Mark Zuckerberg has 71 billion dollars it means in  Indian currency 457000 crores and in world billionaires.

Mark Zuckerberg has 5th position but with this money Mark Zuckerberg has a nice heart to help   in 2013 ebolaviruses was come and taken 2000 members life and so many dead  by Ebola disease that time Mark Zuckerberg helped who was suffering from Ebola disease Mark Zuckerberg give 100 crores for who has suffered from Ebola disease

Mark Zuckerberg came with free internet idea it’s called  for that Mark Zuckerberg invested is hone money 15 is helpful for who live in slum areas.

and after that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett has introduced well the giving pledge Foundation so for that giving pledge Foundation Mark Zuckerberg has given the half of his property. And in 2015 he was blessed with a baby girl and Mark Zuckerberg in 2015 December given his Facebook 99% shares to his John Zuckerberg Foundation as a gift in the happiness of his baby girl John Zuckerberg.

 when are all friends went to a party? He is only sitting in the hostel room and hard work for the Facebook website. And he is not unhappy for leaving Harvard University study in middle. And on his Facebook website so many cases came but he was not feared Companies came to buy Facebook like Yahoo MTV but he was not given Facebook to them.

Mark Zuckerberg life inspiration to all people In the world