By 2020 there will be many supertall skyscrapers in India that will make it have one of the best sky lances ever are the top buildings that under construction in India.

The supernova Spira one by the company’s Supertech supernova Spira is a 300m for 984 feet tall skyscraper being constructed in Noida with 80 floors space will be used various different this is making tallest building in North India the project estimated to complete in 2017.

Other tallest building is Lokhandwala Minerva is 82 floors each super tall to the sky in Mumbai which 16 floors of podium parking and the garden at 17th floor it will have residential apartment till the 79th floor 80 and 81 82nd floor it will have penthouse and terrace project will be completed in 2018.

Will Stan 307 M and 1007 feet tall master Tower is 316 metres and 1037 feet meter tall Masterpiece constructed in Lower Parel Mumbai with there iconic design the building 163 floors which we have a318 hotel I am going office in retail spaces with 1 million to 15000 square feet of low space available construction will complete in 2019.

PALASIS royale is coming from lower PAREL of Mumbai is a supertall 320m skyscraper with 88 floors’s the soul residential building and has only talked down its maximum height and the entire construction is estimated to be completed in 2018-19 the other interesting thing about this building is that it has received a leadership in energy and environmental design Platinum rating which is the highest rating any building can get.

Three sixty west is a project which consists of two Towers Tower A-Wing 239 and Tower B will be an astonishing 372 M tall and will have with have 85 floors project has been constructed by Oberoi reality everyone will be on time that power bi will be private residences restaurants all rooms at a podium. The project completion is estimated late of the year 2017.

The world one spread over 7. 1 hectares with a cost of 321 million dollars world one is the second tallest residential tower in the whole world however it was the first place when construction started once complete it will be the tallest building in India standing 442 main stall and will have 117 floors and also to underground levels with every Apartment design by Giorgio Armani the cheapest Apartment will cost you are on 1. 4 million dollars on 9. 5 crore rupees the completion is expected in 2018 but the world one after completing it storage is having some classes with the aviation department but the glass cladding and interior work is in full swing.

honourable mention Indian Tower. Previously known as going to be the world’s second tallest building the construction started in 2010 but was put on hold the next year in 2011 with the developers had a dispute with Civic authorities for some payment and in late 2015 the project post office Illa cancelled it would be 718m tall with 128 floors and put within Crown jewel of the city.

And in future distant tallest buildings will come the buildings will not stop ever and ever.