These slippers selling on Amazon are literally Rs 45,000!

How much would the sandals be? 500, 1000, and even greater than two thousand! But Amazon is selling the sandboxes worth Rs 45,000 through its website. Become an exaggerate too, often with bathroom sandals used in houses.

It is understood that some sellers are buying and selling their products as much as possible, even if they do not buy their products. Velentino, a company literally sells bathroom shoes for a price of 45,393 rupees. Suppose they are showing stock at the time of writing this article.

If you read that product review, you will definitely fall down and laugh. “I’m not worried about buying my bike and buying these sandals. I walk with these shoes all day to make my destinations. My Blood Pressure Control, Diabetes Normal, Being Healthy By Purchasing These Slippery, I Will Rent It If You Pay 500 rupees a day. “If a review is written as a comedy

Another man .. “I am my Maruti 800 car for buying these sandals. Because the reason is better than driving, it’s good for health! I’m happy to buy these sandals, “wrote the review.

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